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Brand: LA Pharma
Raw Material: Oxandrolone
Pack: 5mg - 50 tabs

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What is the ANAVAR ORAL STEROİDS product?

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Oxandrolone was first evolved in 1964 by using Searle Laboratories to combat and treat conditions like speedy weight reduction and muscle wasting like many other anabolic steroids. compared to other anabolic steroids, Anavar is taken into consideration to be the safest for use for each women and men and its used quite notably with the aid of athletes.

How to use ANAVAR ORAL STEROİD product?

As Anavar is one of the milder anabolic steroids, guys typically should take considerably large doses to look appreciable advantages. The recommended dosage for men is 50mg in step with day. The dosage can also be extended to 80mg in line with day safely by means of male athletes. As girls are extra touchy to anabolic steroids, the endorsed dosage for women is 10mg per day with 20mg of Oxandrolone per day being the most limit for women. Anavar also can be used for a longer intervals of time than other anabolic steroids and each women and men can use Anavar for up to 8 weeks.

ANAVAR ORAL STEROİD Bodybuilding Benefits

Anavar an anabolic steroid synthesized via artificial approach. This drug is prescribed to sufferers who be afflicted by muscle loss cause through widespread surgical procedure, sever trauma or insufficient nourishment and protection. it is able to additionally be used to sell muscle gain after treatment with corticosteroids or to assuage bone ache caused by osteoporosis. it could be used for different purposes like enhancing athletic performance in extraordinary kinds of sports activities.


Anavar can motive side consequences like insomnia, hair loss, facial hair increase, clitoral enlargement, swelling of the extremities (in particular ankles), pimples, voice modifications, headache

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Raw MaterialOxandrolone

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Brand: LA Pharma
Raw Material: Oxandrolone
Pack: 5mg - 50 tabs

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